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Our culture will continue to shift and change with or without us. You can, however, be a part of shaping it. Every week on Convergence Conversation, we interview individuals who are effecting the culture in both visible and behind the scenes ways. Each of them is making a notable difference – moving the needle toward the common good. Each one is intentional about their desire to lead from a gospel centered perspective. Listen in to leaders who are shaping our narrative, our communities and our culture.  Add your voice through comments and at meet ups.  We are in this together. . .

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“Conversations don’t change things, but most change starts with a conversation”
Dan Axtell

Together, Talking, Transforming

Leaders are often disconnected from each other because of moving at such a fast pace or living within a silo in their own professional focus.   What happens when leaders take time together to talk about real and pressing issues that our community and culture are encountering?  The desire to have leaders from all different channels of cultural influence come together for this purpose has fueled the establishment of the Convergence.World platform of video, show, podcast, social media and live events.  Effective change begins with relationships built through intentional connection and caring in these kinds of environments.  Whether a leader in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Church, Education, Government, Media & Technology or Social Services – it is time to be together, talking, transforming.

Leaders for the Common Good

ACTS has partnered with Q Ideas to create a bi-annual rhythm of live events that bring together leaders from all kinds of backgrounds and vocations for a night of inspiration and conversation about how we as Christians can advance good in our cities and communities.   Speakers deliver 9 and 18-minute Q Talks to educate and stimulate thinking on how Christ followers can participate in helping Sacramento flourish.  Leaders in business, education, social sector, church, health care, families, arts, media and many other fields of interest are featured.  The idea, the reasoning, the challenge to action are presented and all who have gathered take the opportunity to interact over it and move toward change. Stay curious, think well, advance good.   For the live event or to learn more, visit www.QCommons.com/Sacramento .