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Convergence Conversation features recognized and unrecognized leaders in all spheres of society and culture who are boldly making a difference and transforming the lives of those around them in creative and uncommon ways.

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Redeeming Culture Through The Arts

We cannot be afraid of the messy. There is so much freedom when we no longer fear the messy and allow ourselves to dive into it. Throughout history Christianity has had a very small box on what is “allowable” and the world has a pretty massive one. Then you have to think about God. See, […]

The Root Issue of Fatherlessness

I have been speaking professionally for 33 years. There are three places you can speak from professionally. You can speak from a place of preparation and if you prepare well people will hear what you have to say. The second place you can speak from is the place of burden, it’s a little bit of […]

A Gospel Affirmation

It was with excitement for me that I got to begin a role in this ministry that is now called The ACTS Group. I was asked to lead something that had found it’s roots in the Luis Palau Sacramento Festival and the coming together of churches, nonprofits, and businesses to put this on June 8, […]